Composer · Arranger · Orchestrator

Joshua Hagley is a highly respected Oxford-graduate film composer and multi-genre arranger based in London. Known for his versatile and creative approach, his career in the musical world spans 16 years.


Screened at BAFTA, his most recent film score accompanied Jason Imlach's comedic Janice (2017), starring Hebe Beardsall (ITV's Victoria, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2).

In older film scoring work, 1896 first appeared in 2015, starring Samantha Michelle and directed by Erica Bergsmeds.

In the short film field, work continues in collaboration with artist Cally Trench, producing scores for multiple art films in a long-term project.

Other Composition 

Past performances of his classical works have occurred in venues from the Royal College of Music, London, to Westminster Abbey, by ensembles such as the Aurora Orchestra, the Doha String Quartet, and the Royal Opera House Orchestra under Sir Antonio Pappano, broadcast on BBC Radio 3 in 2010.

He has also composed music for theatre, scoring a production of John Hodge's Collaborators at The Oxford Union in 2014. 


Arranging and Orchestration

Joshua Hagley is currently arranging, orchestrating and producing for singer/songwriter Stacey Skeete (The Voice UK, 2017), in preparation for the artist's first album launch. 

Collaborating with Hannah Peel of The Magnetic North, he recently arranged the artist's 2016 song 'Standing on the Roof of the World' as part of Spitfire Audio's 'One to Watch' Series (see below).

In larger ensemble fields, he arranged and orchestrated Chinese songs for The Orchestra of the Swan in 2016.